Food & Water
WiFi Bowl

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Actijoy™ Food & Water WiFi Bowl

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  • Serves as WiFi dock
  • No monthly fees
  • Dishwasher friendly

Amazing functions
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  • Icon bowl

    Measures food & water intake

    Informs the user when a dog eats or drinks less and highlights abnormalities.

  • Monitors water freshness

    Monitors the water amount and its freshness in a bowl.

    Icon monitors
  • Icon connected

    Connected to the latest weather forecast

    It’s connected to the latest weather forecast – inform the user about the necessity of increased need for water in hot weather.

  • Multiple dogs friendly

    Bowl can recognize which dog is using it.

    Icon list multiple
  • Icon synchronization

    WiFi Home Station

    Serves as a Wifi dock. Whenever a dog is using the bowl the app syncs and downloads the data on its activity. The user can see the data in the app 24/7 wherever he or she is.

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Actijoy™ Food & Water WiFi Bowl
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