1What isActijoy

Actijoy Health & Activity Tracker is a revolutionary system that will give you all the information about your pet’s activity and rest, tells you how many meals a day your buddy ate, and how much water your pet drank during the whole day.

2How does the PersonalTrainer works?

The personal trainer for your buddy is implemented in Pro-version. For the first two weeks the trainer just checks your buddy’s activity level and habits. Based on this data the trainer prepares the training plan with respect to your buddy’s habits and age.

3What is the warrantyfor Actijoy

We provide a 1-year product warranty. If you live and purchased product from EU, the warranty period is 2-years from the date of purchase.

4What is includedin the box

  • Actijoy Health & Activity Tracker
  • USB charger
  • Silicon belt for attaching device to collar
  • Quick guide

5What is not includedin the box

We think green. Therefore we did not include the USB/AC charger in the box. We are sure that everyone has plenty of these chargers at home, as they are used with mobile phones. If you do not have one at home, you can simply connect the Actijoy charger to your laptop. The mobile app is not included in the box – you can download it from App Store or Google Play for free.

6Which smartphoneswork with Actijoy

Actijoy works with iPhones using iOS 7.1 and above and Android smartphones using 4.2 and above. Your device should have Bluetooth 4.0 support. Actijoy requires the installation of the Actijoy App to activate its functionality.

iPad and tablets are supported.

7Can I share my dog’s statisticswith other people?

    Yes, you can share the data on three levels:
  1. Sharing full data with family – you share 100% information with your family
  2. Sharing activity events – your friends from the park can see limited data which regards only activity levels. Your friends can join your challenges and activity events.
  3. Sharing data related to activity, food and water intakes and health records with your Vet in the Healthbook App part.

8What doesActijoy measure

Actijoy Health & Activity Tracker measures your pet’s activity and rest. Actijoy can track different types of activity.

9Why should I useActijoy Food & Water WiFi Bowl?

Actijoy Food & Water WiFi Bowl controls your buddy’s food and water intake. It can alert you through the App in order to not forget to change or refill the water in the bowl. Actijoy can check the weather forecast and alerts you in advance that you should provide your buddy with extra water.
Actijoy Food & Water WiFi Bowl knows how active your buddy was during the day thanks to Actijoy Health & Activity Tracker. Based on this data it automatically adjusts the food amount you should give your buddy. Of course only in case that you have this function enabled in your App. Thanks to Actibowl you know exactly how much food and water your buddy ate. Information is displayed in the app timeline.

10How long does Actijoybattery last?

The battery lasts approximately 10–14 days. If you use flashing led lights, battery life might be reduced.

11Is Actijoywaterproof?

Yes, Actijoy is waterproof (IP67). Enjoy your activity in any weather. You are the team!