Top 5 Aggressive Puppy Warning Signs

Statistics of Dog Bites

According to a CDC report, approximately 4.5 million dog bites occur in the United States each year. Dog bites are a result of dog aggression that was not curtailed at an early stage. Being able to identify the aggressive behavior of a puppy is essential as this helps to prevent dog bites.

There are some warning signs from your puppy that points to aggressive behavior, yours is to be sensitive and take corrective measures professionally or personally.


  • Overprotection - This is when your puppy is overprotective of his immediate environment, always aggressive towards any potential intruder. When your puppy displays such behavior, it is a sign of aggression that needs proactive measures to keep him in check.
  • Excessive Barking -  If you have a puppy that barks excessively without a good reason, know that you are likely to have an aggressive dog. It’s natural for dogs to bark when attacked, threatened or even when a stranger approaches, but when it is excessive, and you cannot find a good reason for such actions, you need to seek expert advice.
  • Over possessiveness - It’s natural for dogs to be possessive, but when they are over-possessive, it’s a sign of aggression. If you serve your puppy his meal, and he snarls at you at the pretense of taking away the food, it is not a good sign. You need to take immediate action.
  • Dominance -  When your puppy sees himself at the top of the family hierarchy, it’s definitely a warning signal that requires quick and effective action. This behavioral display can lead to domineering behavior which, when challenged, results in aggression.
  • Defensiveness - This is a result of fear. When a dog feels threatened, he may growl defensively. This can be a sign of possible future aggression.

Whenever you spot a warning sign of aggression in your puppy, it’s time for you to introduce some measures.

Tуре оf Training

The two main types of training suited to aggressive puppies are either socialization and obedience training. Each technique is aimed at a specific type of behavior in aggressive puppies.

  • Socialization is a method of training that introduces a puppy to other dogs and to strangers. It is aimed at putting a puppy at ease wіth the unfamiliar without feeling threatened and without the need to defend itself out of fear or anxiety.
  • Obеdіеnсе training is aimed at getting a puppy to 'know its place' within the family unit by teaching it to obey commands from its owners. This type of training is best suited to correcting defensive, gender or dominant aggressive behavior.

An aggressive puppy may deny you the benefits of owning a puppy such as a companionship. Paying proper attention to the early warning signs will go a long way to managing your puppy effectively.


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